Your Life is Calling

30 March 1990 – Your Life is Calling retrospective exhibition van Gogh, Museumsquare, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Concept/Performance: Paul Pieck & Benno Réwinkel. (OE)

The sculpture comments on the artificially generated Van Gogh-mania and the art world’s passive criticism of the same. “During the action, a wave of power and energy form. To us, it means we are becoming invisible.”
During the opening of the Van Gogh exhibit, a sculpture showing 12 clenched fists (total weight: 5.2 tonnes) is placed on Amsterdam’s Museum Square using boom lifts. A social sculpture, Your Life is Calling refers to the ever-growing need for authentic spontaneity. For this so-called ‘illegal’ art work’s societal legitimisation, (OE) appeals to the collective conscience and the general indignation concerning the Van Gogh madness.